One of the questions we get a lot at Triple U FM is an email with the question, what was that song called?

While we love getting your emails and hearing that you are enjoying our radio programmes, we want to let you know about a new feature on our website.

Song History records all the songs we play through our digital software system. You can find Song History on our website by typing in your web browser click on Explore and you will see in the drop-down list Song History. Then select the date of the show and the hour you were listening, and you should see a list of songs.

If the song title isn’t available, it means the presenter had to manually play the song outside of the software system. What you could do in this instance is go to Program Guide and find out which presenter was playing at that time and send them an email using the following email address: [email protected]. Send your email to the presenter and provide the time and date the song was played, and they will do their best to get back to you.

And in future you will always know what song we played. Stay safe and keep listening to Triple U FM!