Meet the Board

The board of Shoalhaven Community Radio Inc drive the strategic vision of Triple U FM. The board is elected by the membership of Shoalhaven Community Radio Inc.

President: Ann McDonald
Vice President: Raine O’Keeffe
Treasurer: Daniel Walker

Meet Triple U FM’s Committee Members

Triple U is managed by a volunteer committee which includes:

Adrian Booth
Chris Owens
Trent Molyneaux

Membership Sub-Committee

Membership of Shoalhaven Community Radio Inc. is managed by:

Graham Appelton
Ann McDonald
Trent Molyneaux

Program Sub-Committee

Triple U FM’s programming is co-ordinated by

Raine O’Keeffe
Trent Molyneaux
Chris Owens

Have Your Say

If you have questions or would like to become a member of Triple U and contribute by volunteering at Triple U please contact us today.