Meet Triple U FM’s team of passionate volunteer presenters keeping you and listeners across the Shoalhaven informed and entertained 7 days a week. Contact the program team if you’re interested in presenting on-air.


Apples grew up in Sydney and dreamed of becoming a radio announcer during his high school years. According to Apples, in those days it wasn’t considered a “proper job”. He moved to the Shoalhaven from another regional area with his wife, daughter, horses, cattle and a work dog in 2002, still dreaming of being a radio announcer! Now he has retired from “the day job”, Apples has realised his dream, and you can hear his program Community Profile with Apples every Tuesday 9-11am. He interviews local musicians, artists, business owners, charity workers, sport representatives and local politicians. And thrown in for good measure is his eclectic choice of music. It just goes to show it’s never too late!

Raul Arregui

Raul joined TripleU FM in Oct 2017 to cover for Jaime Palacios’ show Latin Corner. His love for radio combined with his love for Disco music, were the motivation to create his Disco Wonderland at another local community radio station in mid 2018. It wasn’t until mid 2020 that, with a lot more experience, Raul was able to land a time slot at TripleU FM with his Disco Wonderland. Soon after, he was joined by T as co-host to spice up the show, and reach younger audiences. After they took a short break from the air in mid 2021, Raul and T returned to TripleU FM in early 2022 on a new time slot. T has launched their wonderful new radio show QULTURE, so Raul is back to pilot Disco Wonderland “solo” from mid 2022. 

Rob Bell

Rob is a founding member of Triple-U – a true survivor who has been a presenter ever since the station was first launched in 1985. He loves talking on-air to local people and presenting a mix of rarely heard music. Rob hosts the Community Access program each Friday morning from 9.

Max Bolden

The moment Chris ‘The Big K’ Duncan met Max he thought he was talking to a young Alan Brough from the TV show Spicks And Specks. Max displays a huge music brain of all eras similar to the former Spicks And Specks star. He’s also a rare species of Gen Z that confesses to being obsessed with TV daytime soaps. Max hosts Country Homestead on Tuesday from 2 pm, Battle of the Ages with Emma from 8 pm on Friday, and the popular call-in show Jukebox Saturday night from 7 pm.

Martin & Maxine Booker

Martin and Maxine are a father and daughter team who present their program Yeah every Thursday 7-10pm from Triple-U’s Milton studio. Martin and Maxine present a mix of new and old punk, garage thrash and alternative music.

John Booth

John has been a part of Triple-U for more than 20 years and presents an entertaining music mix each Saturday morning from 9 on his program Boots ‘n’ All. In his spare time John loves fishing and spending quality time with his grandkids.

Davey Chandler

Originally from the Wirral peninsula, in the North West of ‘Good old Blighty‘ overlooking the town that gave us the Fab 4, ‘The Good Looking Fella‘ arrived to these shores via Viking long boat in a time long forgotten, bringing with him vinyl, cassettes and shiny discs; now used to scare birds from crops… 
A born a pessimist, my blood type was B negative and I was raised as an only child, which really annoyed my sister…
I originally joined the circus as a trapeze artist, until I was let go! My only other option was Community Radio. After 2 years of presenting ‘Jukebox Saturday Night’ I realised that to play up-lifting music was to play country & western backwards -Your lover returns, your dog comes back and you cease to be an alcoholic… 
Davey Chandler moved on to ‘The Sunday Roast‘ introducing his listeners to ‘The Bradshaws‘ & ‘The Millennial Whoop!

He’s dipping his toes again and can be found Wednesday evening from 9 to 11 PM with ‘Stuck in the Middle‘ – An eclectic mix, whether with friends or alone. People connect with radio…

Haylee Somerville & John Comber

John (also known as Coco) and Haylee are a father and daughter on-air team that presents the all-Australian music program In The Land Of Oz each Wednesday 5-7pm. Haylee is a music brainiac with a wide knowledge of all eras while John is into the latest chapter of a radio journey that began in the late ‘70s when he was a Sydney-based music programmer before he moved to the Shoalhaven in 1981 and worked for many years on local commercial radio. John stepped away from radio for 15 years before joining the Triple-U team in 2015 to co-present the program ‘My Generation’.

Chris Duncan

Chris is the Big K (also known as Krinkles), a popular presenter who began at Triple-U on New Year’s Day 1993. He is a life member and a one-time winner of Triple-U’s infamous Bogie Award for the presenter with the most hair! Krinkles presents his rock ‘n’ blues program ‘The Big K Show’ every Friday afternoon 1-4pm and is joined at 3.30 by Barry Backbeach, President of the East Wandandian Yacht Club and Triple-U’s longest serving trainee announcer, for the weekly surf report. You can also catch the Big K for breakfast every Saturday morning from 6.


Emma started in community radio 20 years ago, on another station in the Shoalhaven that was pioneered by her dad and Triple U FM’s late ‘Rock ‘n Roll King’ David Hawksworth. Emma returned to Community Radio in the spring of 2019 when she started presenting her show Never Forget the 90’s which has now become Never Forget the 90’s and Naughties. Emma also contributes to 2 further shows, she channels her inner child and presents Kidz Amplified on Friday afternoons with Haylee and takes a trip down memory lane with Max on Friday Night Battle of the Ages.

Enid Everingham

Enid joined Triple-U in 2000, filling in for a French program presenter and after a brief training period she took over as the program’s full-time presenter. She later worked with George Holland on an Old Time Music program and also held the office of Triple-U secretary for many years before deciding to take a well-earned rest. When David Hawkesworth joined Shoalhaven Community Radio there was space for a World Music show and Enid jumped at the opportunity, having followed the movement from its beginnings in the early 1970s. For many years Enid made the long driving trek from Ulladulla to Nowra and was relieved when the Triple-U studio opened in Milton, only a few minutes from home. Enid believes that the World Music genre enriches the music life of our community and creates understanding between cultures and nations. Join her for this unique global journey as she presents Passport every Monday between 3 and 5pm.

Paul Murphy

Paul is ‘The Fat Man’, an obsessive vinyl record collector of obscure rockabilly, garage punk, surf music and other long forgotten gems. He presents many of those gems on his Monday night program Off The Wall – 7-9pm. Paul’s days as a motorbike racer are now behind him, and these days he is happy to be a proud grandfather to four grandchildren.

Margaret Gillespie

Margaret is a contributor to the Australian Blues & Roots Chart ( and presents a music mix of mostly new Australian blues and roots on her weekly program Maggie’s Farm – Fridays 11am to 1pm. And on Thursdays 5-7pm she invites you to Let The Good Times Roll with a mix of blues, bop, boogie and more.
Check out my facebook page.

Bec & Chance Hanlon

Chance and Bec are another Triple-U father and daughter presentation team. They get your day day started with their Brekky program every Monday & Thursday 6-9am.


Jane has lived in the Shoalhaven for more than 30 years and is very passionate about the local area. And she keeps the community up-to-date with local issues and regularly discusses those issues with local people on her Community Access programs Wednesday & Thursday mornings 9-12. Jane is also a folk music presenter and may host another folk program in the near future.

Allan Kellet

Allan has been a fan of country music since he first heard it on radio in the 1940s. Now he sits behind the mic each Wednesday afternoon from noon till 2 presenting a great selection of Country Gems. Aged in his 80s, Allan is happy to be the oldest country music presenter in the Shoalhaven – he may even be the oldest country music presenter on Australian community radio.

Peter Lavelle

Originally from Sydney, Peter Lavelle trained and worked as a medical doctor and then as a journalist before moving to the Shoalhaven and joining Triple U in 2015. He presented Jazz Sounds from 2015 to 2020 and the Community Access program from 2016 to 2017. Peter is the current President of Triple U and presents Tuesday Breakfast from 6am.

Patrick & Denise McKenna

Patrick and Denise were both raised in households where radio provided the entertainment and brought the family together. As such they consider it a privilege to be invited into the homes/cars/workplaces of the Triple-U audience and have a strong belief that good music mixed with respect and consideration is good medicine. Patrick and Denise present their show Say It With Music every Thursday from 12-2 pm.


Growing up in Sydney, T has always enjoyed a variety of music. Between their dad’s record collection and attending Saturday night gigs, music became the soundtrack of their life. T first joined Triple U as a cohost on the program, Disco Wonderland in 2020. After working with cohost Raul, T is excited to share a solo show diving all things LGBTQIA+ memories, pop culture, events and good vibes with our listeners.

Trent Molyneaux

Trent is a dedicated member of Triple-U who presents a number of programs throughout the week including Late Lunch (Mondays 1-3pm), From The Garage (Fridays 10pm-midnight) and Interlude Shuffle Gold (Sundays 12-1pm). He is also an important part of Triple-U’s production team.

Seb Murphy

Hailing from the deep south (Melbourne) Seb is a recent blow-in to the Shoalhaven. An experienced DJ, longtime talker and community radio enthusiast, Seb makes his radio debut with Triple U. Also known as Disco Dupree on the decks, Wednesday nights are now where the weekend begins, where Seb will get it all started with his eclectic mix of all things groovy. Be prepared to take a whirl around the genre wheel, from soul to surf rock, rockabilly to disco, bringing positive vibes and new music to your ears every Wednesday evening 7pm-9pm on Free Entry, your gateway to the weekend.

Margo O’Reagan

Margo presents the Friday breakfast show from the Milton studio of Triple-U FM. Music and community broadcasting has been Margo’s passion for many decades and she loves sharing it with Triple-U FM listeners.

Chris Owens

Chris is a community radio fan and musician although his rock n roll days are behind him. Originating from Liverpool UK, Chris has called Australia home these past 20 years, for the large part in Melbourne then Sydney and now on the Shoalhaven River. Chris prefers to work in the background but is now presenting his first radio show, playing new music from Australia and abroad as well as featuring classic songs to kick back to down by the river.

Jaime Palacios

Jamie was born and raised in Chile and moved to Australia in 1971. A primary school teacher in his homeland, Jamie graduated from Sydney Teachers College to work as a primary school teacher in Sydney for nearly 30 years. He relocated to the Shoalhaven in 2002 and presents his Latin Corner program on a number of community radio stations including Triple-U on Tuesdays 2-4pm. Jamie’s heritage is reflected with his exotic mix of Latin music from South America, Central America, Mexico and Spain.


Raine was a former child singer in Adelaide.  She is a former motorsport and education journalist and a former rally driver and navigator.  She is the driving force behind Simply Music Management which provides free advice and support to struggling musicians advising them how to promote their music, get published and break into the overseas market.   Raine produced a CD and two singles including the album artwork, music release and promotion for a USA-based singer/songwriter.  In 2018 Raine re-joined the motorsport community and is both licenced with motorsport Australia as a competitor and accredited as a journalist with a number of motorsport organisations.  She is also a member of MEAA as a freelance journalist.  Raine was a co-host on an international radio program called Raine and Sky on Cloud 9 on the Kelsey Live network in 2008-2010 in the USA.  Raine is a member of AACTA/AFI and has attended award ceremonies both overseas and in Australia for music and film.

Raine now lives in a coastal community in south Shoalhaven and produces her shows from the Milton studio.   She continues to support both the motorsport and entertainment industries.

Carol Rixon-Browne

Carol is one of Triple-U’s Country Music Specialists and probably the only presenter on Australian Community Radio who can claim to have once ridden Smoky Dawson’s horse! For many years Carol presented the long-running program Honky Tonk Angel that has now evolved into Honky Tonk Sunday (7-10am). She is a regular visitor to the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival and often returns with a swag of interviews. You can also join Carol for breakfast each Wednesday morning from 6am.

Jason Soria

Jason loves music of all genres and presents a mostly contemporary music mix on his program each Sunday morning between 10-11 am. He enjoys living a laidback lifestyle and is delighted to be able to serve the local community as a radio presenter on Triple-U.

Brian Warren

A former president of Triple-U, Brian is a presenter and technical expert with decades of experience behind him. Starting with a Sydney production company, he moved west to work in commercial radio in Orange where he also landed a job at the local TV station. This led Brian back to Sydney and an 18 year career at Channel Ten (with two years in London in the middle), occupying many roles including a stint as producer and director of ‘Good Morning Australia’. In later years he was the operations manager at SBS-TV, co-founded a TV support business and worked for Foxtel for the 13 years that preceded his retirement. Brian’s entry into community radio began with Hawkesbury Community Radio and then 2SSR-FM in Sutherland, before he moved to Gerroa and became a highly valued member of the Triple-U family. Brian is also an active member of Rotary and Probus and provides technical support for many local groups. He lives in ‘paradise’ with his wife Di and their Shetland sheepdog Spice.

Steven White

Raised in Nowra and educated at Nowra High, Steven began his working years in hospitality in Northern NSW. But with a deep desire for radio he returned to the Shoalhaven and completed a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of Wollongong.

Steven now shares his time between the ABC and Triple-U FM. You’ll sometimes hear him reading the news headlines on the ABC as the producer for Nick Rheinberger’s Morning Show, and he brings his experience and enthusiasm to Triple-U’s Tuesday Drive, a program that contains a wide range of music, interviews, weather, traffic and the occasional competition. Plus, he loves a chat and always welcomes Triple-U listeners to call and share their stories and comments on the show.

Peter & Bailey Skewes

Peter and Bailey are a father and son on-air team that has been presenting a radio program since 2008 (when Bailey was just 9!). And there is no real generation gap here – they share a similar taste in music. They are also joined by Peter’s youngest son Noah and on occasions by another of the Skewes brothers Blake. Tune into their drive time music program each Friday 5-7pm.

Adrian Booth

Adrian prefers to ‘hide behind the scenes’ and has been doing so since 2015.
Designs & supports all technical aspects of the station be it IT/audio or Radio Transmission.
He has many years experience in Systems/networking and Radio telecommunications as well as several years in amateur theatre behind a mixing desk in live theatres back in his homeland of the UK.
Just don’t ask about the pantomime horse!
Since his time at the station, he has upgraded all studios from their analogue mixing desks to our fully digital environment as well as linking the remote studios / Outside Broadcast hardware. In addition the challenges during 2020 to allow ‘home based announcers’.
He continues to work on improving systems as time and finance allow. Has also added RDS to our transmission which allows automatic switching of your car radios on the drive down the coast using the station’s 3 transmitters, within our coverage area, as well as providing song information where available.
His aim is to make the UUU environment as technically professional as possible.

Past Presenters

Andrew Smart
Former host of Folk Ways & Means / Dead Skunk Sessions

Former Presenter: Andrew is a member of the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival organising committee and a co-ordinator of the National Folk Festival held annually in Canberra. He has been the popular host of the programs ‘Folk Ways & Means’ and ‘Dead Skunk Sessions’ but has now left Triple-U to relocate to Queensland.

Daniel Walker

Former Presenter and Treasurer: Daniel hosted the Friday night music request program ‘Mixed Bag’ with his good friend Milo. He hosted the program under the name of ‘My Generation’.

Aidan Sezonenko & Angus Perry

Former Presenters: Aidan and Angus brought youth and a touch of the avant-garde to Triple-U with their program ‘The Double A’s’. They both claim to have very eclectic music tastes, favouring non-mainstream tunes that are often outside of the box, or as Angus puts it, “anything weird and wonderful”. Away from radio life Aidan & Angus are also fine musicians. Since leaving school the boys have vacated their radio chairs but will contribute further to Triple-U whenever the opportunity arises.

Sean Campbell

Former Presenter: Sean was a highly valued presenter of Triple-U, often filling in for others as well as being a vital part of the production team.

Alex Field

Former Presenter: “Big Al” hosted a range of programs in the country genre including “Hillbilly Heaven” each Tuesday 11am-Noon and “Country Homestead”, one of Triple-U’s longest running programs.

Joe & JD

After appearing many times on The Double A’s show with Aidan and Angus, which aired on Triple U from 2017 to 2019, local talent Joe Visser recruited his mate JD to start J Squared in mid-2020. 

Joe & JD played a pivotal role in recruiting more young talent for the station and after ending their program in Feb of 2022, they have both gone on to bigger and better things, and they have Triple U to thank for that! 

Ann McDonald

Ann presented the Tuesday Breakfast programme for a number of years and was also a President at Triple U during this time. Ann was raised on the NSW North Coast where she grew up listening to music throughout the 1960s & ‘70s – she enjoys country music in particular. Ann has now lived in the Milton-Ulladulla area of the Shoalhaven for more than 20 years and loves community radio and working with the local community. Ann is taking a break from community radio.

Barry Mac

Former Presenter: With many years in commercial radio, Barry provided a wealth of experience to Triple-U on his Thursday morning community access program ‘Shoalhaven CBF’. Barry, began on Sydney radio and has been conducting interviews and talk-back in the Shoalhaven since the 1990s. Barry has now left the Thursday morning CBF program but will hopefully return soon to host further programs for Triple-U.

Sam Maloney

Former Presenter: Sam travels down from Wollongong each week to present the program ‘The Saturday Sessions’ (1-3pm), a chilled music mix from the 1980s through to the sounds of today. He has been a radio presenter since 2006 and also works professionally as a DJ.