A new documentary explores the ability of music and friendship to transcend hundreds of kilometres of ocean, chronicling the story of David Bridie’s continuing collaboration with Papua New Guinea singer Sir George Telek. The film Abebe – Butterfly Song explores the almost 40 year collaboration built around the exchange of cultures, which started when the Not Drowning Waving song-writer visited New Guinea in 1986.

Stephen Hill asked the film’s director Rosie Jones what it was like chronicling one of New Guinea’s most important musical performers?


Songs Featured: –

Not Drowning Waving “Tabaran”

Not Drowning Waving “The Kiap Song”

Image: Shutterstock – The Road Provides

Produced By: Stephen Hill

Featured In Story: Rosie Jones, Director of “Abebe: Butterfly Song”

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 31 January 2024