It is with great sadness we see another presenter finish at Triple U but for Raul Arregui it may not be the end of his Triple U journey. Raul has been presenting the fantastic weekly show Disco Wonderland on Wednesday from 7pm-9pm. Raul can no longer make the time slot work and so his last show will be on 26th May. Raul may be back in the future if a more suitable time slot becomes available so disco fans keep those platforms shoes at the ready just in case.

Replacing Disco Wonderland will be a new show, Racy Raine focussing on Motor sport and dance music, a high octane mix if ever there was one. Racy Raine will be presented by our motorsport expert Raine. Raine will still present Listen to the Raine from 11am – 1pm on a Monday but will be giving up the Community Access program and a new presenter will be revealed in the coming weeks.

As ever we love to hear your feedback on the wonderful programs our volunteers present. If you would like to get in touch about the music or the programming, please send an email to: