Time calls and other commands

If you select a track in the Playlist is is highlighted in BLUE.

(The currently playing track is in RED, the next to play track is in GREEN)


Clicking the arrow at the right of the Add button in the top toolbar of the Playlist window allows you to add new commands to the list. As Zarastudio reaches the marked point in the playlist it carries out the command.

In this list the options that have been set up to work are…

  • Add Stop Command Puts a command into the playlist causing ZaraStudio to stop playing at that point
  • Add Time announcement Puts a command into the playlist causing ZaraStudio to make an announcement of the current time
  • Add Random track… Opens a dialogue box allowing you to choose a source of files for ZaraStudio to choose a track randomly according to rules set in the Options settings by the administration
  • Add Pause… Opens a dialogue box for you to enter a time value so that when ZaraStudio reached that point in the playlist it will pause playing for the time entered.

The other options in this list are not currently enabled in our version of ZaraStudio

Time announcement

In addition to the buttons listed below, the date and time are displayed above the On the air - Now playing area. If the small icon of the clock is clicked ZaraStudio will announce the time at that moment - you might like to use this between tracks.

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