The Menu Bar

NOTE most items in the Menu Bar have either been disabled (marked NA below) or should not be adjusted (marked ##)

File Menu

Exit: Closes ZaraStudio.

Edit Menu

Find in folders: Opens a window that allows file search for a given directory. See Find in folders

View Menu

Full path: Shows the complete file path for files in the playlist.

List font ##: Allows changing the text font used in the playlist.

Header in the list: Select to show playlist column titles (song title, length).

Song numbers: Select to sequentially number the songs of the playlist.

Track bars: Shows or hides the bars that indicate the percentage of audio which has been played, to avoid accidental alterations or to increase the available space in the screen.

Events and indicators NA: Shows or hides the panel which contains the date, the time, the upcoming events and the file tree, to save space in the screen.

Main player NA: Shows or hides the main player, for example, to get more free space to open auxiliary players. Although it is hidden, if it is in PLAY mode, it will continue playing the audios it contains.

Audio palette ##: Shows or hides the instant access jingles palette which is at the bottom of the window.

Weather data NA: When it is checked, it shows the temperature and humidity information. When it is unchecked, only the date and the time is shown.

Update tree: Refreshes the list of files below the list of next events. An update should be done after changing the content of the hard disk. 

Palette Menu

Edit palette…: Opens a window that allows changing audio palette assignments.

Tools Menu

Mixer ##: Opens the mixer application specified in the mixer options dialog.

Aux players NA: It allows to open four auxiliary playlists. Each playlist can be assigned to a different sound card.

Auditor ##: Opens a dialog that allows to search data in the log files, as well as to export transmission reports.

Voice track editor ##: Opens a dialog that allows to assign voice tracks to sound files. For more information, see The voice track editor.

Options NA: Opens a window allowing several ZaraStudio program options to be configured.

Manage users NA: Opens a dialog that allows to add new users to the system, modify permissions of already existing users and delete users that are no longer needed.

Change user NA: Opens a dialog that requests user login information. Then, loads the window layout and permissions of the logged user.

Programs Menu

Edit… ##: It allows to configure a unlimited number of shortcuts to programs. When executing this menu option, it will appear a dialog where you will be able to write the data of the program. You will be able to use macros in the fields “command” and “parameters”. Those macros are:

$(LogDir)This macro is replaced by the directory where the log files are stored.
$(NextFile)This macro obtains the complete path to the track marked green in color.
$(LogFile)This macro is replaced by the complete path to the current log file.

Help Menu

Contents: Shows this help.

About ZaraStudio: Shows information about ZaraStudio.

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