The Audio Palette - Jingles Palette

The bottom toolbar has 9 buttons that allow quick access to 9 audios. In addition, it is possible to store up to 10 different pages by selecting a differet set of 9 using the select box at the far right, allowing quick access of 90 audios.

There are two ways to activate an audio:

  1. The quickest way is to press a keyboard number. For example, to start the audio associated with button number 2 on the tool bar shown, simply press the number 2 on the keyboard.
  2. Click on the number of the audio in the tool bar with the mouse.

Audios have three modes of operation: Normal, Loop and Voice over.

In order to change the mode of operation, you must right click on the desired button. A window opens to allow toggling between those modes:

  • Normal: The audio is played normally.
  • Loop: The audio will continue to repeat until audio button is pressed again.
  • Voice over: Before playing the jingle, it decreases the volume of the main playlist, restoring it when the jingle has finished.

To modify the audio button assignments, there are two options.

  • First, and simplest, is to drag with the mouse a file from the file tree below the window of next events (or from Windows Explorer) to the button you want to assign.
  • The other way is to select Palette > Edit palette…. The following window appears:

To change a button assignment, click on the desired button and click Modify… (or just double-click the desired button). A window opens that will allow selecting a sound file to assign to the button. To save the current list of assignments or to open another saved list of assignments use the Open or Save buttons. Each page of a list must be separately saved. Change active pages using the drop-down box at the top.

Also, with the Cue button, you can preview the audios (remember a second sound card output is required to keep the Cue playback separate from the On Air playback).

The pages of the list can have text names also. Highlight the current name and type in a new one. Click on Rename or press the ENTER key.

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