Playing Scheduled Events

An event is a file that activates on schedule. Events are a useful way to play files or to execute commands independent of the playlist. They can be used to program announcements, actions, etc.

This figure shows the list of upcoming events in the main window of ZaraStudio.

The events display 15 minutes prior to activating and flash in red for 5 minutes before they are due to be played. Most of the events are set with a Delay, that is they will wait to be played for a predetermined time - in our case usually 14 minutes. At the end of the Delay time the event disappears.

If tracks are being played from ZaraStudio's main player window then the events play automatically as long as there is a break between tracks before the set delay time for the event has elapsed.

If tracks are being played by another method (CDs, Laptop computer, the other computer…) then the event must be played manually by the presenter as soon after the scheduled time as possible and not before the Delay expires.

While an Event is playing a small playlist type window pops up listing the tracks in the Event.

Above the list of events there are four buttons:

The functions are:

1. Play: Starts delayed events, that is to say, events that have not yet been started as they are programmed to wait for a currently playing file to end.

2. Discard events: Removes an event held by a delay as described above. If you remove the event you cannot retrieve it.

3. Enable events: Activates or deactivates the loaded list of events. You should leave this enabled at all times.

4. Schedule events (clock): Opens a window that allows defining, saving or loading events. Only administrative personnel can operate this command and set up events.

Note: While an event is playing you can use some of the control buttons under the Playlist window:

To Pause a track, click the button: Click it a second time to resume playing the track

To Stop playing events click the button:

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