Find in Folders

Under the Edit menu in the menu bar is Find in Folders…

This allows you to look for files in a given folder or its subfolders.

  • Find: You must write the text which will be searched in this field. ZaraStudio will search in the file name and in the ID3 tags TITLE and ARTIST, as long as it is enabled the search in ID3 tags option.
  • Cancel: Cancels the current search.
  • Folder: Folder in which the search will be done. You can choose one by pressing Browse.
  • Search in ID3 tags: Tells ZaraStudio whether the ID3 tags (which are stored within properly saved MP3 files) will be read or not. Please, note that the search is slower when this option is checked.
  • Find now: Starts the search process.

Once the search is finished, the list at the bottom will show all the files found. In order to insert them in the playlist, just make drag-and-drop. Besides, it is possible to prelisten the files by clicking with the right mouse button on the desired file and selecting the Cue option. The search is done by using masks, i.e., there is a special character which means any set of characters: *. For instance, in order to search the file TheRadio-Id1.mp3, we must write *id1*. It is similar to the command line window.

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