Filling a Playlist

How to create a new Playlist

First, empty the existing Playlist: Press on the Playlist top toolbar and select New in the pop-up menu to create an empty list. If a Template has been running then choosing New in this way will stop the Template running and clear the Playlist

Use one of the following methods to add tracks to the Playlist:

  1. In order to add items to the list, press on the tool bar. This will open a window from which files can be selected. Standard Windows operations are allowed here for selecting more than one file at a time by using either the Ctrl (to select files which are not together on the list) or Shift key (to select a range of files). When pressing the arrow next to the button, a context menu is displayed, that allows you to insert commands into the playlist; for details, see Controls -- The top toolbar.
  2. OR, you can also insert audios by dragging files from the directory tree below the events list.
  3. Or, open a source of files such as the Music(Y:) drive, or the Audio (DDN)(S:) drive or from your USB memory stick which you can mount on the desktop using the USB socket for the computer, or from any other Windows explorer window. For that, select a file with the mouse and, without releasing the mouse button, drag it to the playlist.

Playlist operation

  • When the list is in STOP, there is always a track of green color. The green color indicates which track is going to be played next. Therefore, pressing PLAY, the track marked in green color will play.
  • When the list is in PLAY, there is a track marked red in color. That is the track currently playing. As above, the track green in color will be next.
  • At any time you can change which track will be next. To do this, double-click on a track. Otherwise, you can right-click on the track with the mouse and select Mark as next. This way, the track will be in green color, indicating that it will play next. Clicking on will stop the playlist after the current track (colored red) is finished.

More information on control buttons can be seen at Controls -- Control buttons, and on using Right-click at Controls -- Right-click the Playlist

How to save the list

   Saving Playlists has been disabled on our computers.  
   If you believe you need to be able to save playlists then ask for an appropriate login from Station Administration. 
   If you have permission, the procedures are as follows:

It is possible to store the list in a file, to open it back again later. To do that, press the button and select the Save option in the pop-up menu. Then choose the name you want for the list, as well as its type (probably LST). If you want to save the list with another name or type, then execute the option File > Save as….

Besides, keep in mind that the lists created on a computer don't work on another one, unless network paths are used rather than local ones.

Playlist operation modes

The playlist can operate five different ways.

Unless you have good reason to do otherwise, please leave the computer with the setting to NORMAL

These are selected from the drop-down box in the tool bar:

  • Normal: The list plays sequentially and stops when the last track has finished.
  • Repeat: The list plays sequentially and restarts after the last track has finished.
  • Shuffle: Same as repeat, except it randomly rearranges the list before playing it again.
  • Manual: The selected song plays once and it stops when finished.
  • Random: It plays the list in random order, that is to say, the green marker moves to a track randomly and plays it. It does not ensure that the tracks are not repeated.

Right-click the Playlist

The playlist has a pop up menu, which opens by right-clicking the mouse on the playlist. This is basically a short cut to commonly used items from the menu bar and tool bars. Simultaneously, the track that is right-clicked is selected for the action selected in the Pop-Up menu. You can access the following functions through this menu:

  • Mark as next: It marks the selected audio in green, so that it will be the next cut played.
  • Play: It starts playback with the selected audio. If another cut was being played in that moment, it stops it.
  • Rename: It lets you change the name of the selected file in the playlist.
  • Set voice track…: It assigns a voice track to the selected audio.
  • Remove voice track: Removes the voice track associated with selected audio.
  • Cue: It allows you to prelisten the selected audio without broadcasting it. To use this function you need two sound cards.
  • View selection length: Opens a dialog that displays the total length of the selected audios - useful to calculate how long the selection will run so as to time your show.
  • Shuffle: Rearranges the list randomly.
  • Copy: Copies the selected audios into the clipboard.
  • Paste: Pastes in the playlist the audios contained in the clipboard. Delete: Removes the selected audios from the playlist.
  • Delete all: Empties the playlist. Note: This will not clear a list made by a template.
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