Controls in Zara's player window

The players allows you to broadcast audios through the specified sound card, which is configurable by accessing the options dialog. It contains several elements:

● Controls – The top toolbar.

Controls -- The Audio state indicators

Controls -- Playlist window

Controls -- Control buttons

Controls -- Right-click the Playlist

Note: The date and time are displayed above the On the air - Now playing area:

If the small icon of the clock is clicked ZaraStudio will announce the time at that moment - you might like to use this between tracks.

The Toolbar

Displays a pop-up menu with the following options:

New: Creates a new playlist and closes the previous one.

Open: Opens a previously saved playlist (LST, ROT, SEQ…).

Open template: Allows you to load a music style template in the player. Songs will be added automatically to the playlist following the template. See Loading and clearing a Template for Overnight or missing presenter

Save: Saves the current playlist.

Save as: Saves the current playlist with another name.


Allows you to add new audios to the list. The arrow at the right of the plus symbol opens a context menu, that lets you add commands to the playlist.

cancel.jpg Deletes the selected elements.

undo.jpg Undo the last operation done in the playlist.

redo.jpg Redo the last operation.

 Copy the selected items into the clipboard.

Paste the clipboard contents in the playlist.

Displays a pop-up menu with the following options:

  • Find: Allows you to search audios in the playlist.
  • Check: Scans through all the playlist items and checks if they exist on the hard disk. If there are files missing, it tells you what files are and lets you delete them.
  • Update lengths: Updates the durations that are displayed in the second playlist column. This command is useful when the audios are modified and their duration changes.
  • Shuffle: Rearranges the playlist randomly.

 Changes the playing mode.

  • Normal: The list plays sequentially and stops when the last track has finished.
  • Repeat: The list plays sequentially and restarts after the last track has finished.
  • Shuffle: Same as repeat, except it randomly rearranges the list before playing it again.
  • Manual: The selected song plays once and it stops when finished.
  • Random: It plays the list in random order, that is to say, the green marker moves to a track randomly and plays it. It does not ensure that the tracks are not repeated.
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