Controls in Zara's player window

The players allows you to broadcast audios through the specified sound card, which is configurable by accessing the options dialog. It contains several elements:

Controls -- The top toolbar

Controls -- Audio state indicators

Controls -- Playlist window

Controls -- Control buttons

● Controls – Right-click the Playlist

Right-click the Playlist

The playlist has a pop up menu, which opens by right-clicking the mouse on the playlist. This is basically a short cut to commonly used items from the menu bar and tool bars. Simultaneously, the track that is right-clicked is selected for the action selected in the Pop-Up menu. You can access the following functions through this menu:

  • Mark as next: It marks the selected audio in green, so that it will be the next cut played.
  • Play: It starts playback with the selected audio. If another cut was being played in that moment, it stops it.
  • Rename: It lets you change the name of the selected file in the playlist.
  • Set voice track…: It assigns a voice track to the selected audio.
  • Remove voice track: Removes the voice track associated with selected audio.
  • Cue: It allows you to prelisten the selected audio without broadcasting it. To use this function you need two sound cards.
  • View selection length: Opens a dialog that displays the total length of the selected audios - useful to calculate how long the selection will run so as to time your show.
  • Shuffle: Rearranges the list randomly.
  • Copy: Copies the selected audios into the clipboard.
  • Paste: Pastes in the playlist the audios contained in the clipboard. Delete: Removes the selected audios from the playlist.
  • Delete all: Empties the playlist. Note: This will not clear a list made by a template.

Clearing a Template

Deleting items in a playlist which is playing a Template only causes the Template to automatically replace the item with another one.

To Clear a Template playlist so you can make up your own playlist, the simplest way is to click on the menu of the player then choose New.

See more at Loading and clearing a Template for Overnight or missing presenter

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