Controls in Zara's player window

The players allows you to broadcast audios through the specified sound card, which is configurable by accessing the options dialog. It contains several elements:

Controls -- The top toolbar

Controls -- Audio state indicators

Controls -- Playlist window

● Controls – The control buttons.

Controls -- Right-click the Playlist

The Control Buttons

Time announcement

In addition to the buttons listed below, the date and time are displayed above the On the air - Now playing area. If the small icon of the clock is clicked ZaraStudio will announce the time at that moment - you might like to use this between tracks.

PLAY button. Sets ZaraStudio in PLAY mode, beginning with the green colored audio. Note: the currently playing track is coloured red in the Playlist; the next track to play is coloured green

STOP button. Stops the playlist.

PAUSE button. Pauses the playlist. To restart the play, click this button a second time. This button does not work with satellite commands.

STOP + PLAY button. Stops the current audio and plays the next one (green colored).

REWIND button. Moves the playback 30 seconds backward.

FORWARD button. Moves the playback 30 seconds forward.

STOP AFTER CURRENT button. Stops playback after the current item finishes.

TALK OVER button. Reduces the playback volume, and restores it when the button is pressed again. The purpose of this button is to allow you to reduce the playing volume so you can talk over the playing track. The amount of change in playback volume is set in the options menu as is the time to fade the playback to that level.

LOOP button. Plays the current audio continuously, that is, when it is finished it is played again from the beginning. This happens until this button is unchecked or the Stop + Play button is pressed.

AUTODELETE button. When it is pressed, ZaraStudio removes each audio from the playlist, just after playing it. Of course, this means the track is not visible in the playlist which might be a problem if you want to back-announce the tracks.

The track bar which is at the right of the buttons allows you to change the audio level of the playlist. This is best left on full volume - control the volume from the fader on the control desk. Leave this setting to full when you leave the studio: leaving this set down low will stop proper transmission of automated and scheduled broadcasts.

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