Controls in Zara's player window

The players allows you to broadcast audios through the specified sound card, which is configurable by accessing the options dialog. It contains several elements:

Controls -- The top toolbar

● Controls – The audio state indicators

Controls -- Playlist window

Controls -- Control buttons

Controls -- Right-click the Playlist

The Audio state indicators

  • Remaining time. Shows the time left until the audio which is being played finishes.
  • Vumeter. Shows the audio level.
  • End time. Displays the end time of the audio that is being played. Please, note that this is not an accurate data, as the overlap between files is not considered.
  • Position track bar. Displays the percentage of the audio that has been played. It can be moved with the mouse to play an exact part of the file.
  • List length. Displays the length of all the files in the playlist. Please, note that this is not an accurate data, as it does not consider the overlap between cuts nor the length of certain files, like rotations or random tracks.
  • List remaining. Displays the total duration of all the files that has not been played yet, i.e., what is left in the currently being played cut plus the length of the following ones.
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