• Develop a Rapport with the Business Community
  • * Join the local business associations. The Shoalhaven Business Chamber at would probably be your best bet.
  • * Host a “Business After Hours Function”. Invite local businesses to attend the Radio Station and give them a tour and a demonstration on how you work and operate. Provide drinks and nibbles at the function.
  • Develop individual sponsorship packages for the businesses you wish to approach.
  • * You need to show each business how they will benefit from being connected with Triple U FM and what they will receive for their $3,000 per annum sponsorship.
  • * Develop an advert relating to each sponsor you target and provide details of when it will be aired. Point out why you have chosen these spots, who will be listening and how many there will be.
  • * Offer to include the potential sponsors logo on the opening page of your website
  • * Offer to include the potential sponsors logo on any brochures and/or flyers you produce
  • * Suggest that you invoice potential sponsors monthly rather than ask for $3,000 in one lump sum
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