Setting up items for the UUU FM Archive/Podcast

Go to one of the computers in the second studio or the Left-Hand computer (Studio1) in the main studio.

On the desktop there is a folder Links to Archive. Double-click to open it.

You can upload your own pre-recorded file or get the recording from the Logger.

To get a recording from the Logger, double-click the short cut to open it. You cannot change any of the files there but you can copy what you need from there onto the local computer if you wish.

If you do this PLEASE delete it when finished; don't leave the computer littered with junk!

The files have names like 20111023160001.mp3 This example means 2011-10-23 16:00:01 which means this file was broadcast on 23rd October 2011 at 1 minute past 4pm (1600 hours!)

If there are versions with the extension .wav do not use them – they are too big.

Files can be uploaded directly from the Logger or you can copy them to the local machine and edit it if you wish. Save it as an MP3 file if you do edit it.

Double-click the link to the Archive and it opens in a web browser. It does not require a password but can only be opened from within the station.

If making a new archive then click the button to add it.

Fill in the form with the details asked for including the Title (probably the name of your program) and Presenter (probably you).


  • the date MUST be in the format YYYY-mm-dd, something like 2011-11-13,
  • the time of broadcast MUST be in 24 hour time, something like 16:00 NOT 4pm or some other format.

Click the Browse button to navigate to the file you are uploading. Give some sort of notes or synopsis etc. then click the Upload button.

WARNING: the system will cope with files up to about 50MB, which is about 1 hour of broadcast. Larger files might not successfully upload, so for longer programs, upload them in parts. It's easier for listeners, too.

On the same page there is an option to Edit an archive. You can't change the sound file but you can edit everything else. If you have uploaded the wrong file then delete the entry and try again. Entries remain in the archive until deleted.

You can also Listen to an archived file on the same page.

The public accesses the archive via a link on the website.

You can look up which podcasts have been requested, when and to which IP number by going to

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