Dear Members and Friends

It's been a while since the last newsletter, however, things have been moving pretty fast over the past few months.

Thanks to our Marketing Officers, we now have a healthy stable of new sponsors which has allowed us to settle comfortably and look towards a brighter future. There's still lots of hard work ahead, but the stress has lessened considerably.

Thanks also to our Outside Broadcast crew, David Hawksworth, Carol Browne, and those who've assisted. Our face is becoming even more well known in our community. We're now receiving requests for more OBs.

Programming has improved out of sight. Our music library is vast, and with the assistance of our IT manager, Ken Joyce, our Program Director, David Hawksworth has made the applications for broadcasting a relatively simple matter. We have the choice to run our programs from our laptops, or for those who prefer, the old fashioned way with cd's.

The training of new announcers with Rob Bell has been steady also. We've trained several young high school students for our Youth Access programs and they've taken to it like ducks to water. We now have all the Nowra High Schools on board.

Thanks also to our Technical Officers, Brian Warren and David Hawksworth, our long awaited second studio (27 years) is almost ready for broadcasting. This means we won't have to swap seats anymore, such luxury! The phone interface unit for studio 2 has been ordered. This will provide a facility for presenters to pre-record phone interviews in the new studio.

Our future for broadcasting programs from our southern regions has not been forgotten. A new site for our receiver at Deering St, Ulladulla, is almost ready for air. This will give a broader range for our southern listeners. We are at present in the process of concluding agreements with Shoalhaven Council to be back on air on 99.7 within weeks.

After this, we will be focusing on having a studio in this region for our southern members to broadcast their programs. Now this will take funds which we haven't got as yet. We will be applying for grants, but some fundraising will also be necessary.

If you are interested in coming on board and assisting with fundraising towards a studio in your southern area, please give me a call on 44 214 752.

We are always looking for assistance for the general running of the station. For example we need volunteers for:

  • Assisting with our website
  • Recording Council Meetings on a roster basis.
  • We need to set up a new Program Committee. and,
  • Office personnel. We are looking for a retired person/s who have some office experience to come in half days, three days a week, negotiable.

If any of this interests you, please call me on the above number.

Welcome to Bill Paisey, a Communications student. Bill is assisting us with local, national and international news bites and having a go at vox pops, along with learning the ropes of broadcasting.

Ken Joyce wrote, “While traveling, I was listening to ABC radio. Four of their well-known announcers were sharing comments on the previous week in radio and discovered they had all started in Community Radio and told of the value of the experience.

Also I have been in Bellingen for over a week and visited the local community station. They welcome such visitors – our people should know they would be welcome to call in to the local station when traveling

They are doing well here… But UUU is in a good position to show them a thing or two such as the music/data system (they work off CDs and even vinyl!!), Zara and its automation, remote access etc.”

Finally, from the committee and members, a very big Get Well message to Maggie and Big Al who are in the process of long recoveries. Both missed, as I'm sure they're missing broadcasting their specialist programs.

Pessimists see difficulty in opportunity. Optimists see opportunity in difficulty. Winston Churchill

Cheers, kk

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