Notes for Beginners

Below is a simple guide to presenting a music programme on Triple U FM, if you follow these steps, then the programme you present will be of a professional nature.

These notes are written for inexperienced presenters who should follow these guidelines fully. When you have spent a number of hours presenting on air you might be able to relax some of the advice given here.

All presenters should be familiar with using Zara software: see Using Zara Menu

1] Arrive at station at least 15 minutes before your show, you can enter studio 10 minutes before your show, not before unless you have permission from “on air” announcer.

2] If you are playing CDs hand your first cd track to the announcer, they will then line it up. Ensure its over 4 minutes long (to get you settled).

If you are playing from a laptop or other device ensure your first tracks are lined up and connect your device to the studio input – check which fader you are connected to and that it is set.

3] Track must be started no more than 1 minute after start time.

4] After the opening track, you then go on air and from a written script you will then “thank the previous announcer” and give some information about your show.

A basic way of opening your show goes like this:

Its now 7.05 and many thanks to Jacob for the last 2 hours, Jacob will be back next week at 5 with another set of great music. This is Triple U FM104.5fm central (one oh four point five FM) 92.3 FM in the north. I’m Rob and this is freaky Friday. I will be taking you thru for the next 2 hours, so I hope you can stick around. Tonight I will be featuring the sounds of (etc, etc), so

Let’s kick off with Bob Dylan and Maggie’s farm.

As you say the word “farm”, you hit the play button, not after you’ve said it. If it has a really loud start then be aware.

That’s all you do to start your show, and you make sure it’s written, until you are comfortable enough to say it word for word off the top of your head.

5] After commencement of show, you must play all music in segments of a minimum of 12 minutes, not shorter, but can be longer. At no time during this music segment will you interrupt with anything verbal from you (breakfast / emergency excluded)

6] During the music segment you must play promos, which are shown by Zara on the computer, eg, other ASPs (announcers show promos) / station ids / CSAs (community service announcements) / friends / become an announcer there are many to choose from. These are to be played as often as possible. A minimum of 2 ASPs are to be played, and should cover the next 48 hours.

Basically anyone can play music, in fact it’s really easy to just become a juke box, or a robot, and hope that your selection of music is good enough for the show not to be bland. Music of course is the main crux of a music show, however there are obligations you must follow and also flair that is a must to take away the blandness.

You must play the sponsorships, which come in at 15 minutes past (not before) and 15 minutes to the hour and will be available for up to 14 minutes. Also, you must play at least 2 ASPs (announcer show promos). These are promos for announcers shows coming up in the next 48 hours, however you can play as many as you want after you have played these 2. On the computer there are promos which are of benefit to the station, things like friends / become an announcer / website, email, address etc, playing these promos encourage participation with the station.

As we are a community organization we have an obligation to the community to address their needs and also under guidelines of our license. If you look under CSAs (community service announcements) you will see many interesting promos, and these are the real crux of any community organization. Also you will see many station ids, these can be played at anytime.

The best time to play these promos is in between songs, and they help take away the blandness and help fill out your show. Also you can get artists to make promos for your show, or for the station. As I say anyone can just sit there and play music, its how you fill out your show that makes it interesting and also helps the station and other announcers.

Remember: no dead air

7] After playing your music segment, you will come back on air with microphone open 15 to 20 seconds before song finishes, and not when song finishes, have it open already, so that you commence speaking over last sound.

8] You must back announce every track (you must have them written down), and you will read from a script any other comments.

All tracks must be back announced and all must be written down and clearly back announced, this of course is a no-brainer, but must be followed. Also by having them written down, should there be any query of a song played, then reference is there. You should also note any comments besides these songs, to help with information.

Many announcers pre plan their shows from home, and this shows through with the on air performance, as seldom is there a mistake, and shows flow easily.

Making up your show as you go is only for those experienced. Having your show scripted is always the best way to go.

If you are “umming and ahhing” then you are not reading from a script and are unsure of what you are saying … write it down

9] After speaking you immediately commence your next track, if you are confident enough and know your music then you can introduce your next track. You then repeat your segments.

10] Vary your back on air comments

There are various opening you can use when you come back on air, below are some that you may want to use

It’s 7 15 and you’re listening to freaky Friday on Triple U FM, we just heard from…

It’s 7.15 and you’re with Rob on Shoalhaven community radio Triple U FM, and it’s the freaky Friday show. Glad to have you on board

You’re listening to Triple U FM, broadcasting all over the Shoalhaven on 104.5, and 97.3fm, and its 7.15…we just heard from…

You’re listening to freaky Friday with rob on Triple U FM, and lets run back thru those tracks…

It’s 7.15 and you’re listening to freaky Friday, hope you’re enjoying the sounds tonight, and don’t forget coming up next we’ve got Maggie with Maggie’s farm. (Don’t elaborate on any show unless you are sure of the content of that show)

That was bob Dylan with I want you from 1965 and the album blonde on blonde, and before that …right now its 7.15 and up next Jefferson airplane with the anthem of the sixties “white rabbit” and grace slick upfront.

Remember: no dead air

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