Guidelines for all presenters

A] At all time keep an eye on your levels

B] Everything you say must be written down until you get comfortable

C] Have your programme pre-planned

D] All tracks / promos must overlap

E] Dead air is not acceptable

F] Be gone from the studio, on time, and have area cleaned up 10 minutes before end of show, you are not permitted to go overtime

G] You do not take requests

H] Always line up your next track straightaway, do not do anything else until your next track is lined up.

I] Always write down your tracks, do not ad lib unless you are 100% confident as to what you are going to say. Better it's written down

J] Watch for telephone blue light, press red button on phone, and always answer, “Triple U FM, how can I help you”

K] Do not advertise any gig or business unless cleared by the Committee

L] Do not eat in the studio – food particles damage equipment and can attract ants and rodents.

M] Do not co-host any show unless committee has granted permission, the same goes for interviews.

N] Never say, “now a word from our sponsors” or anything similar, just play the ads. Always best to combine them in a music segment.

O] Always ensure the relevant fader is up; if the fader is not up nothing goes out to air.

P] Be confident when talking and do not deviate from your script.

Q] Ensure that you do not cut off the tag “proud sponsors …” from sponsor announcements – to do so puts us in breach of regulations.

R] Ensure that you publicize the next show.

S] Keep your desk area tidy

T] In accordance with regulations, everything broadcast is recorded on our Logger computer. You can get a copy of your programme from the Logger – listen to yourself

U] Ask for an aircheck and seek advice

V] Always prepare well for your show

W] If it’s not worth saying, do not say it.

X] Do not speak off mike, e.g., from back of studio etc., always say it on a live microphone

Y] Never run down the equipment on air

Z] Always check your folder

Remember: no dead air

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