Promotion on Triple U will provide the opportunity to reach our local and visiting listeners who are receptive to information regarding events, products, and services in the Shoalhaven region.

Triple U offers a range of promotional packages to suit the requirements of individual clients and campaigns.

For further details on how to advertise your business, product, or event with Triple U please email:

Why advertise with Triple U?

Triple U FM is the only fully licensed community broadcaster encompassing the whole of the Shoalhaven. Geographically we are licensed to cover approximately 4400sq/Km which makes up the Shoalhaven, stretching from Gerroa in the North to Termeil in the South and West beyond the coastal escarpment including Kangaroo Valley and areas East of Robertson. Triple U-FM has three separate transmitters to enable us to cover such a large geographical area. Triple U caters to a rapidly growing and culturally diverse and selective audience who share listening time with the ABC Radio National, ABC Classic-FM, and the Triple J set.

In 2010 the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA), using Commonwealth funding, commissioned McNair Anderson Ingenuity Research to perform a survey for the community area of broadcasting. The results were impressive:

  • Listeners to community radio in non-metropolitan NSW: 601,000
  • 29% of the weekly radio listening audience

Sponsorships on community radio has proven to be a commercially viable medium for small business, trades and for new businesses to establish name and product recognition. The above survey saw the Community Radio sector increase its listener base by 10%.Advertisers using community radio for their medium are often looking for the warm and fuzzy spin that comes with being a supporter of a community organization.  However, the large and ever-growing community radio audience should not be overlooked by advertisers for direct promotion of their products and services.

Because we don’t have the overheads of a commercial radio station, sponsoring Triple U is simple and cost-effective, and we can deliver fantastic value. We have a fully equipped audio production facility to produce and edit your jingle free of charge. If you are already using commercial radio for your advertising campaign, we can edit your existing advertisement/jingle with the inclusion of a two-second sponsor tag. All our sponsorship messages are scheduled throughout the day, and as a bonus, during our overnight programs.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, and we are staffed by volunteers from the community it serves. We are governed by a committee elected from our members and must abide by stringent Commonwealth and State Government regulations and enforceable Codes of Practice.