Join Blue Divers launching two new vinyl releases on Saturday 10 December at El Horses!

Blue Divers are an Australian instrumental group from the South Coast of NSW, Australia, led by guitarist Alec Marshall since 2017. Made up of a rotating ensemble of performers, Blue Divers play meditative music composed of fragile guitar playing, woozy synths, scattered percussion, flutes and organ drones. Listening to a Blue Divers record, it feels as though the band could fall apart, or maybe fall asleep, at any moment; brief snatches of Marshall’s drifting, ghostly guitar melodies are all that hold it all together.

Support comes from very special alt-folk luminary Dusty Anastassiou a.k.a DAG, launching his new double-LP ‘Pedestrian Life’.

Date: Sat 10 December 2022


El Horses
22 Berry St, Nowra, NSW, 2541