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Start Me Up - Monday 11am-1pm
Rob Bell
Community Access - Friday 9-11am
Max Bolden
Young Bro Show - Friday 4-5pm, Jukebox Saturday Night & Youth Amplified 'Mix Tape'- Wednesday 4-5pm
Martin & Maxine Booker
Yeah - Wednesday nights 9-11pm
John Booth
Boots 'n' All - Saturday 9-11am
Sean Campbell
Production co-ordinator
David Chandler
Sunday Roast 4-6pm
John & Haylee Comber
In The Land Of Oz - Wednesday 5-7pm
Chris Duncan
The Big K Show & Saturday Breakfast
Enid Everingham
Passport - Monday 3-5pm
Paul Fatman
Off The Wall - Monday 7-9pm
Alex Field
aka "Big Al", our Country Music Identity.
Barry Mac & Graham French
Shoalhaven CBF - Thursdays 9-11am
Margaret Gillespie
Maggie's Farm & Let The Good Times Roll
Bec & Chance Hanlon
Shoalhaven CBF Thursday 9-11am & Monday Breakfast 6-9am
Josh Hart
Youth Amplified 'Voicebox' - Thursday 4-5pm
Community Access & Wednesday Folk
Allan Kellet
Country Gems - Wednesday 12noon-2pm
Sam Kettlewell
Youth Amplified
Peter Lavelle
Jazz Sounds - Sunday 10am-12noon
Dan Mac
The Aftermath - Monday 9-11pm
Sam Maloney
The Saturday Sessions 11am-1pm
Ann McDonald
Tuesday Breakfast - 6-9am
Patrick & Denise McKenna
Patrick & Denise - Say It With Music - Thursday 2-4pm
Trent Molyneaux
Mondays Late Lunch, Friday's From The Garage, Sunday's Interlude Gold
Margo O'Reagan
Friday Breakfast 6-9am
Jaime Palacios
Latin Corner - Tuesday 2-4pm
Aidan Sezonenko & Angus Perry
The Double A's - Tuesday 4-5pm
Simon Read
Turntable Thursday with Simon 7-10pm
Carol Rixon-Browne
Honky Tonk Sunday & Wednesday Breakfast
Peter & Bailey Skewes
Friday Drive 5-7pm
Andrew Smart
Folk Ways & Means / Dead Skunk Sessions
Jason Soria
Monday Drive 5-7pm
Elise Thomas
Youth Amplified 'Mix Tape' - Wednesday 4-5pm
Daniel Walker
Milo's Mixed Bag - Friday 7-10pm
Brian Warren
Community Access - Monday 9-11am
Steven White
Tuesday Drive 5-7pm

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