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Currently "ON AIR"  at 12:03 am: A Jazz Hour with Barry O'Sutherland - The very best in Jazz - Check our programme for more details...

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Also a reminder that you can listen to past Shoalhaven City Council Meetings by clicking on the podcasts option at the top of this page and select the meeting you wish to listen to.

*** We at Triple U can safely say that we treat all our volunteers with the respect and consideration they deserve.  We have a strong anti-bullying policy and will not tolerate any person who may bully other members.  Every member of this organisation has an avenue of communication if they have a grevience over any matters that might arise from the operation of the station.  The following of this grievance process is part of the conditions of membership of the organisation.  In the case of one presenter, this process has not been followed.  Instead he bypassed the grievance process and decided to make claims against this organisation and several volunteers in public forums, including news and social media.  We, as a community organisation, value every member who donates time, effort and their own resources to the station.  As such we also defend them against any unfounded claims from those who might be wishing to pursue their own private agenda against Triple U and its volunteers.  Signed: Management Committee Triple U. ***

Milton studio is now operational and some shows are now originating from there.

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